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Diamonds in Their Natural State
Diamonds in Their Natural State

De Beers Confident Consumer
De Beers Confident Consumer
Consumer Confidence in Diamonds According to De Beers
We were amused to spot an interesting piece of misinformation published by De Beers alleging that consumers preferred their diamonds in their natural state.
We are delighted to reproduce their article from their website, and hope you find it as interesting and entertaining as we do. We have reproduced the item in its entirety, and added a few observations of our own below.

Consumer Confidence
Consumers expect to purchase diamonds in their natural state. Anything that could affect the confidence of consumers when purchasing diamond jewellery is potentially damaging to both the De Beers Group and the diamond industry.

Confidence, mystique and integrity can be eroded if consumers are misled into purchasing treated diamonds, synthetic (man-made) diamond material or diamond simulants in the belief that they are untreated or natural as the case may be.

Disclosure of synthetics, treated diamonds and diamond simulants requires simple and effective means of detection. The Consumer Confidence Technical Research Group at the DTC Research Centre, through basic research, has developed practical solutions and instruments, mainly for use at gemmological laboratories, for the identification of synthetics, treated diamonds and diamond simulants.

Scientific Research and Practical Solutions

The DTC Research Centre is the scientific linchpin in the Consumer Confidence Programme. The objectives are to ensure the ready detection of:

As the technologies for the manufacture of synthetics and the treatment of diamonds become more sophisticated and widespread the DTC Research Centre has maintained a level of research that has enabled it to anticipate potential developments in these areas.

DTC scientists undertake detailed research into diamond physics, to understand the smallest differences between:

Experimental diamond treatments and the manufacture of HPHT grown and chemical vapour deposited (CVD) synthetics are specially carried out for research to identify potential challenges to identification.

From the foundation of basic research, the DTC Research Centre develops techniques and instruments for use by gemmological laboratories world-wide to allow for rapid, cost-effective screening and detection of synthetics (both HPHT grown and CVD), treated diamonds and diamond simulants.

In particular, in collaboration with major gemmological laboratories, DTC scientists have made substantial progress into methods for the detection of HPHT treated natural diamonds. This intensive research is continuing in order to understand better the effect of HPHT treatment on all diamond types.

With the possibility of small numbers of polished synthetics entering the market, the DTC has devised two instruments for gemmological laboratories to screen all their diamonds, simply and rapidly, and test for 100% of synthetics:

The DiamondSure and DiamondView instruments are now available for purchase. All enquiries should be made to GIA Instruments UK Ltd via the website

CD Rom Diamonds Treatments, Synthetics and Simulants
CD Rom Diamonds Treatments, Synthetics and Simulants
The Diamond Trading Company has also produced a multimedia CD-ROM: DIAMONDS, Treatments, Synthetics and Simulants. This will enable you to explore the Consumer Confidence Technical Research discussed on these pages in greater depth. In particular, the CD-ROM includes the latest on research into diamond treatments and synthetics, with background information and video presentations on the screening and detection of synthetics using the DiamondSure™ and DiamondView™ verification instruments.

Spot the Spin

We found the article on the website at:

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