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Stunning Starburst Round & Pearshape Diamond Cluster Ring
Stunning Starburst Round & Pearshape Diamond Cluster Ring
Diamond Cluster Rings
This is a small selection of our diamond cluster rings.
We will be adding more styles to this page as we get time.

Diamond Cluster Selection
PhotoStock#DescriptionTDWRSP Available
Multi-Coloured Diamond Fancy Cluster4558Multi-Coloured Diamond Fancy Cluster1.071,132Yes
Square Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring4238Square Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring0.691,275Yes
Blue & White Diamond Cluster4396Blue & White Diamond Cluster1.531,700Yes
Victorian Style Diamond Cluster2423Victorian Style Diamond Cluster1.082,250Yes
Seven Stone Round Diamond Cluster4490Round Flower Cluster1.631,095Yes
4461Starburst Round & Pear Cluster2.067,500To Order
3943Triple Row Princess Cut Diamonds1.782,500To Order
3482Triple Row with Scalloped Edges1.882,750To Order
2864Octagonal Diamond Cluster1.746,150Sold

Key to Table
Stock# = Our stock reference number
TDW = Total diamond weight in carats.
RSP = Recommended Selling Price
Sold = Sorry you missed out on this ring, and it's not a style we make regularly.
To Order = Sold, but we will be able to make another. Price will vary depending on quality and weight of diamonds used.

Secondhand Rings
We also have a large stock of previously owned rings including diamond clusters, please see our second-hand rings page.

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