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High Quality Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond
High Quality Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond
Diamond of the Week
Week Ending Saturday 10th October 2005

Quarter Carat Brilliant Cut D Colour IF
Unmounted Brilliant cut diamond. Graded by EGL. We can quote for a mount if required.

DescriptionNatural Diamond
Weight0.32 cts
CutRound Brilliant Cut
Measurements4.58 x 4.61 x 2.61 mm
Height (Depth) %56.8%
Crown Height11%
Pavilion Depth42.5%
Girdle ThicknessMedium (Facetted)
Culet SizePointed
Finish GradeVery Good
Polish GradeVery Good
Purity (Clarity Grade)Internally Flawless
Colour GradeD

Price & Availability
0.32 Brilliant CutDIFEGLNoYes580

Weight = Diamond weight in carats.
A member of our staff just said this was ridiculously cheap!

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More to follow soon the Lowest Possible Price

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