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Solitaire Diamond Ring
Solitaire Diamond Ring
Diamond Rings at near Wholesale Prices
Most of the diamond rings we sell are 30% to 40%, even 50% under High Street retail prices. Many of our rings are "one-off" pieces, we certainly don't do "mass-produced".

How Do We Do It? - Our Great Price Savings
There's no real secret. We design and create high quality diamond rings.
By selling direct to the public (we also supply to jewellers), we can offer substantial savings compared with High Street prices.

Mail Order Only?
No, we do have a showroom, which is open to the public (if we like the look of you). We do not call it a shop, which may be a little pretentious of us, and we don't have a traditional jeweller's display window.

Low Overheads
We bought the building in 1968, so we don't pay any rent. Our overheads are quite low, we don't spend a fortune on prestige advertising. We don't even have "sales staff" as such. We spend most of our time working on new designs, and finding stones at the right price to fill our existing range of rings. When we get a showroom customer, one of us will break off what we were doing to help them.

How Do We Sell Anything with No Sales Staff?
We don't need to "sell" our diamond rings. We just show them to people, and they usually fall in love with one or more or them. If they aren't convinced that our prices represent good value for the quality we sell, we just suggest they take a look round a few other jewellers, and come back when they are convinced. We tell them we look forward to seeing them in about 20 minutes, but they are usually back in 5!
If customers want information about any of our products, we are happy to help. We also try to help each individual customer select the best ring for that customer, and their lifestyle and tastes.
It seems to work!

Diamond Rings For Sale
We don't get time to put all our rings and designs on our website, but here's what we have catalogued so far.

Diamond Information
Access more information about diamonds on our site than you could find in could find in a whole Highs Street full of retail jewellery shops.

Other Gemstones
Information about other gemstones in our A2Z of gemstones section.

...at near Wholesale Prices

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