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We design and create high quality diamond rings. We also have many previously owned rings at bargain prices.
We cannot list all of our second-hand rings because of the quantity, but also it takes us some time to take photographs, process the images, and then create the web pages to accomodate them. Because of this, we will list some here without photographs. Personal callers to our showrooms will, of course, be able to view them. We will try to add photographs later.

PhotoStock#DescriptionRSP Available
39482.33 ct Gent's 3 Stone Gypsy Set£AskYes
Emerald Cut Solitaire4462Emerald Cut Diamond 1.56 cts, G, SI1£AskYes
Ring 4479 Three Stone Diamond44793 Diamonds 3.29 cts, Plat£AskYes
To Follow44050.93 ct Solitaire, H, SI2£AskYes
To Follow44060.53 ct Solitaire, G, P2£AskYes
To Follow44075 Diamonds 0.50 cts, K, P2£AskYes
Secondhand Oval Sapphire & Diamond Cluster44083 ct Oval Ceylon Sapphire, 16 Diamonds 0.64 cts£AskSold
To Follow44090.55 ct Solitaire, L, P1£AskYes
To Follow44102 Diamonds 0.48 ct , G, P1£AskYes
To Follow44120.37 cts Solitaire£AskYes
To Follow44136 diamonds 0.18 cts£AskYes
To Follow44143 Diamonds 1.30 cts, I, VS£AskYes
To Follow44153 Diamonds 0.60 cts, Gypsy£AskYes
To Follow4417Octagon Emerald 3.40 cts, 2 Diamonds 1.13 cts, G, SI£AskYes
26056 Carat Cluster£AskSold
1385Large Oval Opal Cluster£AskSold

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