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Shaped & Diamond Set Wedding Ring
Shaped & Diamond Set Wedding Ring

Shaped & Diamond Set Wedding Rings in Platinum

Custom Shaped Wedding Rings
Many of the wedding rings we make are specially shaped to fit an engagement ring. Most of these need to be individually custom made to fit both the engagement ring and the owner's finger. Naturally it's more expensive to make a custom ring, but for most people it is worthwhile having a wedding ring which fits precisely. This is a modern problem because nowadays more engagement rings are bought which have a fancy shape compared with plain simple solitaires which predominated in the past.

Diamond Set
Diamond studded wedding rings have been growing in popularity for quite a few years. Our diamond set wedding rings are usually custom made to order. We can make them using different diamond shapes, in most styles of wedding rings. We can also use different colours of diamonds as you can see.
Diamond wedding rings are usually best using small diamonds. Larger diamonds need a thicker heavier band, which can make the ring uncomfortable to wear.

Multi - Coloured Diamonds
Most people have still never seen or heard about coloured diamonds, but we just love them. Pictured is the first wedding ring we have made using multi-coloured diamonds. When we first saw it we were stunned! Needless to say, we intend to make a number of other wedding rings set with a number of different coloured diamonds.

It's difficult to give prices for custom made rings, but a simple rule of thumb is about 100 more than an ordinary wedding ring of the same weight and material.
Because most diamond set wedding rings are individually made, prices vary considerably. Prices and availability of coloured diamonds also vary.
In time we will try to provide a guide price list for a number of our special order rings, but in general you should find that our wedding ring prices are at least one third less than high street retail prices, sometimes only one half.

Ring Finger Size Advice - General
Special sizing advice applies to diamond set wedding rings.
Our usual practice is to ask you to check your fit when we have the "blank" ready for setting. It is easier to adjust the finger size before setting than afterwards.

Ring Finger Sizes - International Conversion Chart

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