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Large & Famous Diamonds - The Sultan of Morocco
Little is known about this particular diamond, but we did receive the following e-mail:-

On 17 Dec 2004 at 8:17, Clarke Wolfe wrote:
I was looking over your site on the Internet and thought you would be interested in what I know of the Sultan of Morocco Dia.
In the years 1969-1974 I was employed for the famous jeweler LAYKIN ET CIE, headquarteredin L.A. CALIF. I flew this Diamond to San Francisco, CA. and hand delivered it to our VP at the time by the name of "Bud" Ehresman. This was for a possible sale to a private collector at the time. The price was $250,000.00. I never heard what happened to the stone. Evidently very little is known of it so this is what I can contribute from my own personal experience.
You may use this info in any way you wish.
Regards, Clarke G. Wolfe
E-mail: Centuryhome12 (at)
Table of Large Diamonds
 35.27Sultan of MoroccoGreyish BlueCushion / Round?

Colour Summary
Of the above numbered diamonds, 23 are shown as white or near white, 26 yellow, 1 brown, 2 brownish yellow, 2 black, 2 blue, 1 pink, 1 coffee, 1 champagne, and 5 are of unspecified colour.
The list contains a disproportionate number of coloured diamonds, although many of those shown as a yellow may actually be near colourless as only one is described as "fancy yellow". One factor which may influence the number of coloured diamonds listed is that coloured diamonds are rare and attractive, and would more easily become famous.

Coloured Diamonds

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