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Russian Created Diamond
Russian Created Diamond

Created or Synthetic Diamonds
We have a small selection of created or synthetic diamonds in stock.
There are numerous possible reasons for wishing to buy or own a synthetic diamond. These include:- Created Diamonds
For history and technical information about created diamonds, please look at out created diamond page.

Prices & Availability
The following is a short stocklist of our stock of created (synthetic) diamonds.
Please contact us for current prices and availability.
WeightSourceColourClarityAvailabilityPrice per Carat Price 
0.06RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55033
0.07RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55039
0.10RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55055
0.12RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55066
0.13RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55072
0.14RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55077
0.15RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55083
0.16RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55088
0.17RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55094
0.18RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes55099
0.19RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550105
0.20RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550110
0.21RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550116
0.22RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550121
0.23RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550127
0.24RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550132
0.25RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550138
0.26RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550143
0.27RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550149
0.28RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550154
0.29RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes550160
0.30RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600180
0.32RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600192
0.33RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600198
0.34RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600204
0.35RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600210
0.36RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600216
0.36RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600216
0.37RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes600222
0.38RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes650247
0.39RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes650254
0.40RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes650260
0.41RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes650267
0.42RussiaYellow / OrangeSIYes650273

We have shown most of the stones as "SI" clarity. Most are better.
In some cases, we have more than one stone in stock of the stated weight. If you would like a matching pair or set, please contact us.

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