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Emerald & Diamond Eternity Ring
Emerald & Diamond Eternity Ring

Ruby Sapphire Emerald and Diamond Eternity Rings
Ruby Sapphire Emerald and Diamond Eternity Rings

One of our classic designs for 2001.
Each stone is approximately 2.5 mm round, and is set very cleanly and securely using grain setting. This is very practical, there are no claws to catch or snag, and it is much stronger than channel setting.
For this particular ring, we have used the best quality small emeralds we could find. They cost more than the diamonds, but then, they are more beautiful, so it's not surprising.

Emerald and Diamond

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We can also offer the same ring with emeralds of lower, but above average, quality for about 200 less.

Also Available in:-
All Diamond
Sapphire and Diamond
Ruby & Diamond
Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond
Coming soon.

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