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Emerald Cluster
Emerald & Diamond Rings
We present a small selection of our emerald and diamond rings.
You may notice that we can sell them faster than we can make them!

PhotoStock#DescriptionRSP Available
3888Three Square Emeralds - Scalloped Edge£AskTo Order
3936Classic Oval Emerald Cluster Ring with 8 Diamonds£AskYes
SpecialImpressive Emerald Ring with 10 Diamonds - Rim Set£AskTo Order
3746Classic Octagonal Cluster - Second-Hand Bargain£AskSold
3536Eternity Ring With Princess Cut Diamonds£AskTo Order
3964Emerald & Diamond Eternity Ring£AskYes

Notes on Table
Stock# = Our stock reference number.
RSP = Retail Selling Price.
To Order = Sold, but we can make another to order. Price will vary depending on quality and weight of emeralds and diamonds.

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