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Unmounted Gemstones For Collectors and Serious Gemstone Lovers
We are pleased to offer a small selection of loose - unmounted - gemstones.
The stones we have selected and listed here are just a small selection of some of the more interesting stones from our stock.
Some of the stones which we list are of particularly high quality, others are unusual and of interest to gem collectors.
If required, we can provide a certificate for any of our stones from an independent gemmological laboratory at extra cost.

GemstoneWeightShapeDescriptionPrice Price $
Amethyst35.58Carved Leaf29 x 20£Ask$Ask
Andalusite0.97Cushion6.5 x 5.25£Ask$Ask
Chrysoberyl0.54Pear6.4 x 4.1 Lemon / Lime£Ask$Ask
Demantoid Garnet1.21Oval8.05 x 6.25£Ask$Ask
Emerald8.26Octagon12.1 x 11.8£Ask$Ask
Emerald2.88Octagon11.35 x 7.4£Ask$Ask
Emerald0.53Heart5.1 x 5.9£Ask$Ask
Hiddenite2.27Octagon11.2 x 5.7 £Ask$Ask
Iolite0.70Oval7.6 x 5.4 £Ask$Ask
Lapis Lazuli3.69Oval18.0 x 9.0 £Ask$Ask
Moonstone1.6Oval9 x 7 £Ask$Ask
Peridot0.65Octagon6 x 4 £Ask$Ask
Ruby2.51Oval9.05 x 6.43£Ask$Ask
Sapphire2.52Oval Cabochon8.45 x 6.5£Ask$Ask
Sapphire1.65Marquise12 x 6£Ask$Ask
Sapphire2.96Oval10.5 x 7.6 Ceylon£Ask$Ask
Sapphire1.49Octagon6.6 x 5.7£Ask$Ask
Sapphire0.38Baguette6 x 3£Ask$Ask
Sapphire0.80Pear6.5 x 5.0£Ask$Ask
Sapphire1.35Round Cabochon6.0 Orange£Ask$Ask
Sapphire2.77Oval9.7 x 7.8£Ask$Ask
Sapphire2.27Oval8 x 6 Ceylon£Ask$Ask
Scapolite5.20Oval13 x 10 Yellow£Ask$Ask
Scapolite0.53Oval6 x 4 Mauve£Ask$Ask
Sphene1.46Oval7.8 x 6.1£Ask$Ask
Spinel0.21Oval4.15 x 3.25 Red£Ask$Ask
Tanzanite0.35Oval5 x 4£Ask$Ask
Topaz Precious2.88Oval10.8 x 7.9£Ask$Ask
Topaz London Blue21.69Octagon18 x 13£Ask$Ask
Tourmaline1.54Pear8.95 x 6.2 Orange / Pink£Ask$Ask
Tourmaline1.00Baguette7.0 x 5.0 Green£Ask$Ask
Tsavolite0.21Oval4 x 3 £Ask$Ask

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Weight = Weight in carats.
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A to Z of Gemstones
We have information about a number of gemstones on our A to Z of Gemstones page.
Currently, we have only completed 10 out of about 50 pages, so if the stone you wish to know about isn't listed yet, please bear with us! the Lowest Possible Price

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