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Hammered Texture Cross Peine Diagonal
Diagonal Cross Peine Hammered Design

Cross Peine Texture Running Around the Band
Cross Peine Texture Running Around the Band

Pair of Cross Peine Textured Rings
Pair of Cross Peine Textured Rings

Cross Peine Hammered Texture
A very individual looking hand hammered texture. I often think this finish looks as though it has been applied with an extremely coarse scratch brush, in fact it is hand hammered using a chisel shaped hammer. Because each one is hand made, each one is subtly different, there is often a slight variation in the size and density of the texture as the goldsmith rotates the ring on the mandrel, and hammers at slightly varying rates.

Difficult to Produce
One of our greatest production problems with this type of design, is that we have to guess the starting size correctly to end up with the desired final finger size. The width and depth of each ring also changes as the piece is hammered, so a little variation should be considered acceptable. Naturally, these are best ordered well in advance.

Three Directions or More
There are three main directions in which the cross-peine design can be applied:-


Please look at the wedding ring pages for prices, then add an extra 35 for Cross peine finish. the Lowest Possible Price

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