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Enhanced Pink Princess Cut Diamond
Enhanced Pink Princess Cut Diamond

Pink & White Diamond Drop Pendant
Pink & White Diamond Drop Pendant

Pink & White Diamond Three Stone Ring
Pink & White Diamond Three Stone Ring

Pink Coloured Diamonds

New Pink Diamonds Website
Because of the great interest shown in pink diamonds, we have now created a separate website exclusively for them. Naturally it's called Pink Diamonds, and it's at
Please use the new site, we no longer update this page.

Coming Soon!
We have recently purchased a small number of fancy coloured diamonds, as shown on our photograph. Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive. The green, blue, yellow, and orange diamonds are enhanced or treated, but the pink one shown in our photograph is natural.

Pink Diamonds
Judging from the number of enquiries we get for pink diamonds, some pop star must have recently been reported as having acquired a pink diamond. If you would like a natural fancy coloured pink diamond of, say, one carat, be prepared to pay about a million pounds for it! We also get asked about small pink stones, from about 3 to 10 points, and although we are constantly on the lookout for them, we feel they may look rather insignificant at this size. They might be OK as shoulder stones for a large solitaire.

Shades of Pink
Any deeply coloured pink diamond would be extremely rare and valuable, think £millions. Most pink diamonds are only faintly pink. If they are very small, the pink colouration may be so light as to be almost unnoticeable. With larger stones, it is easier to see the colour, but the larger the stone, the rarer and more expensive. Even so the colouration of most pink diamonds remains subtle rather than distinct.

Pink Diamond Solitaire Ring
The ring shown in our photograph contains a tinted pink princess cut diamond weighing 0.19 carats, and of VS clarity. The mount is in 18 carat gold with a two tone effect created by rhodium plating the white areas.
You can tell it's not one of own make by several small clues. If we create a two-tone ring we would make the white part of white gold. This one has only been rhodium plated. The diamond is not quite square, but is slightly oblong. While this is not in itself important, it has been mounted diagonally, and this accentuates the effect. Most princess cut diamonds are slightly off-square, and we would normally mount such a stone square to the finger, with the slighter longer edge running along the finger. Despite these minor design imperfections, we still feel it is an attractive and desirable ring. In a sense these features help to make it unique. Naturally, if required, we could remount it in a different style at a small extra cost.

A Ring With Its Own Story
Most of the rings we sell are of our own design and manufacture. This particular ring is not one of our own designs, we tend to create more classic styles, and we only acquired it by good fortune. We were showing another manufacturer some of our other coloured diamonds in yellow, green, blue and orange, and happened to mention that we keep getting asked for pink. He went over to his safe and pulled out the ring we illustrate. He explained to us that he had bought the stone from a diamond cutter in Antwerp who normally produces a particular size and type of diamond. Diamond cutters always end up with a small quantity of odd stones which do not match their normal production, and because they have not developed outlets for these oddments, the canny buyer can occasionally bag a bargain. Our manufacturer friend bought one of two pink diamonds from him, at what we consider to be a bargain price. He had this stone, a princess cut, made up into the ring we show as a sample. Although his customer liked it, and was keen to place an order, our friend could not find any more stones with which to fill the order. We ended up buying it for less than his cost price, which is why we can offer it for sale at about half the price at which we would value it for insurance replacement.

Unmounted Pink Diamonds
Please contact us for current prices and availability.
WeightShapeDescClarityAvailPer Carat £Price £Price $
0.29RoundRose Pink - Our FavouriteP2Sold£2,000£580$818
0.29RoundMedium PinkP1Yes£2,600£754$1,063
0.25RoundMedium PinkSI2In Pendant 4095£2,600£650$914
0.16RoundDeep MediumSI2Sold£1,500£240$338
0.27RoundPale PinkSI1Yes£1,500£405$571
0.20RoundMedium PinkP1Yes£1,500£300$423
0.29RoundPale PinkP1Ask£2,600£754$1,063
0.21RoundMedium PinkSI1Ask£2,600£546$770
0.20RoundMedium PinkSI1Yes£2,600£520$733

Certificated Pink Diamonds
Please contact us for current prices and availability.
WeightShapeDescClarityAvailPer Carat £Price £Price $
1.01RoundVery Light PinkP1Yes£4,200£4,242$4530
0.51RoundVery Light PinkSI1Yes£2,800£1,428$1828
1.12RoundVery Light PinkSI1Yes£4,900£5,488$7,025
1.04RoundVery Light PinkSI1Yes£4,900£5,096$6,523
0.31RoundLight PinkVS1Yes£2,800£868$1,111
0.32RoundLight PinkP1Yes£2,600£896$1,147
1.00RoundLight PinkSI1Yes£5,600£5,600$7,168
0.95RoundLight PinkSI2Yes£5,500£5,225$6,688
0.47RoundLight PinkP1Yes£3,500£1,645$2,106
0.41RoundLight Brownish PinkSI1Yes£2,800£1,148$1,469
0.31RoundLight Brownish PinkVS2Yes£2,100£651$833
0.43RoundGrayish PinkP2Yes£2,500£1,075$1,376
0.35RoundLight Purplish PinkP1Yes£4,200£1,470$1,882

More Designs to Follow Soon
Diamond Solitaires
We intend initially to make a solitaire diamond ring with each of the colours we have. We could, of course, make a diamond pendant, but we tend to specialise in rings. We could always make a pendant to order.

Other Ring Designs
We considered making a number of two-stone diamond rings, with either one white and one coloured diamond, or with two matching coloured diamonds. One of the problems is that it is difficult to find a perfectly matching pair of these coloured diamonds. Some jewellers might be content with a near match, but we aim for an excellent match. One of the most attractive ideas we had was to make a number of three stone diamond rings, firstly with a coloured diamond centre, with two smaller white diamonds, alternatively with a larger white centre diamond and two matching coloured side stones. With this design, the match between the two coloured stones does not need to be quite as precise. We could of course make other designs, such as five stone diamond rings, clusters, or eternity rings. We can always make these to order, as the possible variations are almost limitless.

Ear-Rings & Pendants
Our coloured diamonds would make startling solitaire pendants or solitaire diamond ear-studs. Once again, we could always make these to order. Please be sure to allow us plenty of time, it is not quick or easy to find matching stones of the right quality and size. Because coloured diamonds, even enhanced ones, are far rarer than whitish ones, this job is even more difficult.

Fashion Leaders & Independent Spirits
Fancy coloured diamonds will only currently appeal to fashion leaders, and not to the sheeplike followers. They will also appeal to those who know their own minds and are capable of thinking for themselves. One day, maybe, coloured diamonds will become "fashionable", and then everybody and his dog will want one. By that time, we at Chard will have moved on as usual. When we say fashionable we really mean "as defined by the media", in other words hyped. It's your choice whether to be a slave or a free spirit.

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
We recently sold the last of a small parcel of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Each was about half a carat, two out of the four sold to a retail jeweller, the other two we sold direct to their new owners. The last one was a striking orange colour.

For unmounted diamonds, please see our Unmounted Diamonds page.

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

More to follow soon.

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