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Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring
Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring

Victorian Inspired Style
We often see pretty little Victorian, or Victorian style, seven-stone diamond cluster rings. Usually they are very delicate, probably too delicate for today's more robust modern lifestyle. With this in mind, we re-created our own version of the Victorian cluster, but in a more solid and robust execution.
Although the 7 stone layout makes this in one sense a classic style of ring, the substantial double shank makes it individual.
The shank is in 18 carat yellow with an 18 carat white gold head, although we could also make it in all white or platinum.
We currently only make this style of ring in one head size, so the range of diamond weights is from just under a carat, up to about 1.25 carats. Naturally we can use different qualities of diamonds in respect of colour and clarity.

Top Quality Diamonds
This particular ring contains very high quality diamonds, as close to perfect as its possible to get in relatively small sizes. In a slightly more commercial quality, our price could easily be under 1,000.

Price & Availability
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Available in Other Stones on Request
We have made a number of similar rings with a sapphire or other coloured centre stone, with 6 diamonds around it, and also in reverse, with a centre diamond and 6 Ceylon sapphires. We may try it with a bright yellow centre diamond which should make an interesting visual effect with the scalloped yellow outer rim.

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