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Victorian Style Sapphire Cluster
Victorian Style Sapphire Cluster

Large Sapphire Cluster in Victorian Style
Victoria ladies invariably wore gloves, which meant that ring settings needed to be quite low.
We have always admired the Victorian style clusters, usually with 7 small diamonds, millegrain set, which we see in our second-hand stock from time to time. This ring style was inspired by the simplicity and beauty of these earlier Victorian gems.

Very Practical to Wear
In today's times, this design is very practical to wear because it has not claws to snag and break. Because it sits snugly to the finger, it fits in well with an active sporting lifestyle of modern women.
An interesting paradox, that this same style should adapt from the Victorian age where ladies did not dirty their hands with anything as common as work, to equally suit the liberated lifestyle of current times.

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