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Multicoloured Diamond Ring
Multicoloured Diamond Ring
Diamond Set Wedding Rings

Domed Multicoloured Diamond Wedding or Dress Ring
Dare to be different!

Rainbow Colours
This must be the highest number of different coloured diamonds we have ever set in one single ring. Naturally, the ring is unique. Even if we decided to create another similar one, we would be very unlikely to be able to source every stone in just the right hue, shade and size to recreate this original.

Work of Art or Labour of Love?
We are proud of our results with this miniature work of art. It took us several days to select all the stones for this ring. It may look quite random, but we can assure you that every stone was individually placed with regard to size, colour, and brilliance. It was indeed a labour of love to create it, but we try to put the same loving care into all the rings we make.

Love It or Hate It?
We hope you love it, but we won't loose any sleep if you hate it. After all, we are all individuals, all different, and as we create diamond rings for real people, we expect our masterpieces to elicit different reactions. What would get us worried is for you to find our rings boring, just like the masses and masses of identical rings in identical shops in near identical towns throughout the country.
We make no apologies for making rings for interested and interesting people with the intelligence to shop around for what they like rather than accept the mounds of overpriced mediocrity filling our High Streets.

Loved It
We actually made this ring up for stock, rather than as a special order. Somebody must have loved it, because we sold it within only about a week of it appearing on one of our websites. We believe the customer bought the ring for herself as a dress ring, but it would also make an fabulous wedding ring or eternity ring.

Natural Coloured Diamonds
The diamonds in this ring are all real diamonds, some of natural colour, some colour enhanced. Perhaps the thought of enhanced coloured diamonds fails to appeal to you, and you would prefer natural coloured ones. If so, then add one or two zeros to our price, and we will try to source a set of diamonds for you, but please be prepared to wait a few years as they are extremely rare indeed. Even then, we may not be able to find a perfect set, or the colour may be less intense. If you like the idea of a coloured diamond ring, and you like this particular ring, our advice would be to get in touch with us soon.

Price & Availability
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421231 = 1.45 ctsRainbowSINoSold$

Colour Enhancement
More about colour enhancement in diamonds.

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