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Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring
Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring

Square Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring

Victorian Inspired Style
Just for once, this ring is not one of our own designs. As you may know if you have looked around our websites, we design and make high quality diamond rings, which we sell direct at very competitive prices. If we "buy in " a ring, there has to be a good reason for it. In this case, the ring was designed and made in India, by a company which sources and polishes diamonds and other gemstones. Their price to us was quite competitive, and if we can source a piece of quality jewellery at a better price than we could make it ourselves, then we do so.
We usually have more than a few reservations about the quality of designs and workmanship from India, because it can be very variable. This ring is well made, and the design speaks for itself. There is a round central diamond, surrounded by a pierced cluster head of approximately square shape, and the there are also two small diamonds on each shoulder of the shank. The whole ring head is kept very low in the manner of many Victorian rings. We feel this should be a very easy ring to wear and to love.

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