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Tapered Dip Wedding Ring with Bars
Tapered Dip Wedding Ring with Bars - Angle
Tapered Dipped Wedding Ring

In 18 Carat White Gold
Because of the popularity of crossover and fancy shaped engagement rings, we get asked to make many different shaped wedding rings. Most of these we make on a "one-off" basis, but sometimes we make a model so that we can reproduce the style more easily.
This is a style which we have made several times in slightly different executions.
We have photographed it in all 18 carat white gold, but it is also available in 18 carat yellow gold.
At the front it measures 5mm tapering to 3mm at the back of the shank.
It can also be worn as a dress ring.
Weight about 3.7 grams in our stock finger size N.

Our Gold Club Price £Ask

Or in 18 carat yellow gold:
Our Gold Club Price £Ask

Hand made versions of similar styles are available costing about 100 / $160 more. We can also customise this design by adding extra bars in contrasting gold colours.

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