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White Gold Wedding Rings
White Gold Wedding Rings

Different Textures & Finishes on our Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings
Most of our wedding rings are custom made to order. They are mainly in 18 carat gold, but also 22 carat gold and platinum. We show a small selection of our most popular styles.
Choose platinum wedding rings or diamond set wedding rings.

White Gold Medium Court Wedding Rings
White Gold Heavy Court Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings with Multi-Coloured Diamonds
Dip and Bars, Tapered

By Popular Request
We didn't use to make wedding rings, but our engagement ring customers, and others, kept asking us for them. We gave in and started to make and stock a small range. Most of our wedding rings are custom made to order, but there are some styles which we are always being asked for. We probably stock the smallest selection of wedding rings you will ever see in any jeweller's. We still sell quite a lot of wedding rings though, and we can't really explain why. So even if you are too late to get your engagement ring from us, you may want us to make your wedding rings.
Nearly all of our wedding rings have got something slightly special about them. Some are hand made, some custom made to fit your engagement ring, some diamond set to your choice, many are created out of one solid piece of gold or platinum, making them stronger and more durable.

One Piece - No Join
Most of our wedding rings are forged from one solid piece of gold. This makes the ring stronger and more durable. Also there is no solder join to discolour or crack.
This applies to our flat, court, and 'D' section wedding rings.
It does not apply to some of the rings, such as the Russian rings, even though we start with forged blanks, because obviously at least two of them need to be cut to allow assembly. We are not magicians! The hand-hammered rings cannot always be made from forged blanks because they spread when being hammered. Dipped and fancy shaped rings cannot usually be made from forged blanks. Wherever possible, we try to start with forged blanks.
You may wish to read our page about Monolithic Wedding Rings.

18 Carat or 9 Carat. Which is Harder Wearing?
You will have noticed that we don't offer 9 carat wedding rings, and may wonder why. The simple answer is that 9 carat is not good enough, so we don't use it for wedding rings. There are other reasons. It's too soft, and if this surprises you, please read our Hardness of Gold Alloys page. There are also plenty of cheap mass produced 9 carat wedding ring available in most High Street jewellers.

All our wedding rings will be fully hallmarked at the appropriate standard of gold or platinum. Hallmarking is the world's oldest form of consumer protection. More information on our Hallmarking page.

Delivery Time
We usually ask for at for at least one month to make any special order ring, but preferably longer. It can take from a few days to a few months for us to obtain supplies of the correct size blank, then we need time to complete it to the required design and finish, with hallmarking. Because there are many small problems which can arise during production, we prefer to receive all orders in good time. We strongly recommend that you order your wedding rings as soon as possible. We prefer to be able to deliver them a month before needed. This gives us time to adjust the finger size, or make any other adjustments which may be needed. Please do not leave ordering until only a few weeks before your wedding. It's your wedding, we hope you will put as much planning and forethought into ordering it as we will put care into making it for you. We can supply wedding rings in less time than indicated, but we will not be held responsible for late deliveries if you do not place your order in sufficient time.

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