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Two Triple Band Wedding Rings
Two Triple Band Wedding Rings
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Triple Band Wedding Rings in 18 Carat Gold
Our triple band wedding rings are made from three separate single pieces of solid gold.
Each band is stamped out from a solid sheet of gold, and formed into a narrow (2.0 mm) "D" section ring, in the correct finger size. We then join the three bands together in any combination of colours. The fact that they are made from a solid piece of gold makes them stronger and more durable.
As we make normally each ring to special order, please allow at least one month, preferably longer. Gent's sizes can take longer.

Colour Combinations
Our photograph shows two different rings, one with 2 white and 1 yellow band, the other with 1 white and 2 yellow bands.
We can also supply rings with three different colours, yellow white and rose gold (sometimes called pink or red), or any combination.

Weight, as shown, in lady's finger sizes, approximately 5.5 grams.
Weight, in gent's finger sizes, approximately 6.0 grams.
Width, as shown, just under 6 mms.
Alloys: 18 carat red, white or pink gold.

Other Options
We can make these rings as 2 band, 4 band, or any other number of bands to order.
We can also make them in platinum with either 18 carat or 22 carat gold.
They can be made in a heavier gauge, details on request.
Different widths are possible.

Please visit our more extensive website, for our full selection of wedding rings.

Prices - Lady's Sizes
For gent's sizes, please add 15 per ring.
BandsWhitePrice Price $

Notes on Table
Bands = Number of bands.
White = Number of white bands.

Ring Finger Size Advice - General
Ring Finger Sizes - International Conversion Chart

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